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At All Points Broadband, we empower communities by bringing utility grade broadband to underserved markets, deploying fiber and state-of-the-art fixed-wireless technology to homes and businesses in communities throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky.

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Gig Fiber Broadband in Your Home

All Points Broadband is engaged with its electric utility partners in several large scale fiber-to-the-home projects in Virginia and Kentucky.  We are collecting information from customers in the zones below to ensure universal coverage and to finalize our construction sequence within each zone.  All Point's standard FTTH architecture is capable of offering 10Gbps service to the home.

To get started please follow these directions:

Step 1: Enter an address and press Go.

Step 2: Confirm your Pin/location is correct. If not, just grab it and move it to the correct location on the map. Press next.

Step 3: Enter your contact information. Press next.

Step 4: Answer the quick questionnaire so we can provide the same great service for your friends and neighbors. Press next.

Step 5: Review your information and then tell everyone the great news and how to get registered. Submit


Fiber Markets

Frequently Asked Questions

All Points Broadband is engaged in a multi-regional approach to providing Broadband across Virginia and Kentucky.  With your help, we can determine areas where Fiber Broadband will be built to your home.  All Points Broadband is focused on providing the delivery of faster broadband today.

1: What is happening?
All Points is partnering with Electric Cooperatives and other Utilities to deploy gigabit capable last-mile fiber.

2: How do I sign up?
Interested customers need to register their locations to be included in the fiber network we are building. This website feeds directly into our design efforts and submitting your information at is the ONLY way to register for the project.

3: How much will it cost?
All Points is currently evaluating the project area and verifying customer interest.
The customer contribution (installation charge) will depend on how many customers register at The greater the customer interest, the lower the upfront customer contribution.
The monthly price of service is expected to be similar to what is offered from other cable and fiber-optic ISPs. Final pricing will be established before construction commences and will be communicated to interested customers who have registered at

4: Will the service be available to current APB fixed wireless customers?
Yes. Current APB customers should register their locations on this site and receive project updates.